Barbara Clariday
August 2018

We hired Rohe & Wright to design and build our beautiful new home. We had a great experience and enjoyed our building project. Our superintendent, Hazen, did an outstanding job. He built this house as if it was his own. There is not one thing we would change! It turned out better than we ever imagined. Thank you Hazen and Rohe & Wright for building us our dream home!


Christopher Kelly
December 2016

I have had a few houses built over the last 6 years and my experience with the builder has always been a bit frustrating. The word I got use to hearing was no... you can't do that. When we decided to build with Rohe & Wright... I never heard no. They truly are a custom builder that went above and beyond to make us happy! Their workmanship is top notch as well. They don't cut corners and everything in the home is high end material and appliances. We would use them again any day and have been recommending them to our friends!


January 2016

We have been extremely pleased with Röhe & Wright Builders. They were reliable, professional, and had a lot of integrity. The work quality is first rate, and has exceeded our expectations across the board. Our construction supervisor was first rate. He managed the construction process well, with good organization and attention to detail. He is always there when we need to talk to him and he patiently and thoroughly walks us through the whole process. We have recommended Imre to other friends who are interested in building a custom home.


Guido Bressani
August 2015

Röhe &Wright built our two story home in Houston. The building process was managed safely, timely and with highest quality standards. At Röhe &Wright I met only good and transparent people who are proud of what they do. I would not hesitate to build my next home with them and I am glad to recommend this builder to others. From contract negotiation, to design, planning, building and closing you are in capable and competent hands.


August 2014

Andy from Röhe & Wright was easy to work with. They finished the project on time and in budget. They were always very professional and paid great attention to detail. Andy was there from the beginning to the end of the project and made sure our vision was carried out in the project. He helped make our dream home a reality. We have recommended the builder to many neighbors and friends. We even took friends to see a new project called Bell Heights. This place will also be amazing!


August 2014

Perfect builders! I hope they can do my second home. We enjoyed the experience. Our home is high quality craftsmanship.


AJ Realestatepro
June 2013

I had the chance to view one of their builds today in the Museum District, and it was absolutely stunning. Love your work =)

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Suzanne M.
September 2013

Röhe & Wright Builders built an outstanding home for me in 2004 and remodeled another in 2012-13. Kris Pittman's knowledge and demeanor made the process exceptional. Visitors to my home notice the detail of the finished product. I want Röhe and Wright to be there for me the next time.


July 2014

We now own our second Röhe & Wright home...the first home was a spec home we lived in for three years before designing and building our dream home. The attention to detail by everyone from the architect to the superintendent was spectacular! I cannot stress enough how professional everyone was throughout the process. The trades they used were excellent, the finishes were very high quality and with lots of effort on their part we finished the project on time and close to budget. We have lived in a R&W home for almost a decade now and highly recommend you include them in any conversation about building a custom home.