Röhe & Wright Difference


The exacting standards of a structural engineer, the highly skilled hands of a master craftsman, and the timeless style and grace of classic architecture.

Every home we build is designed and inspected by a licensed structural engineer.

This includes reviewing soils tests to design lot specific foundation details such as the pier depth and size. And each of our frames is designed to carry all loads from the roof to the foundation. The engineer who designs the system also inspects it at three critical junctures- pier drilling and pouring, foundation pour, and frame complete.

We don't stop there. We use an open web truss system, the best floor joist available in residential construction. Each truss is designed, by an engineer to carry the exact load of the frame, not a generic 2 x 12 or I-joist that may or may not be sufficient to carry a point load (from a beam or brace above) in the middle of its span. These trusses allow for pipes, wires and a/c ducts to be run unobstructed throughout the floor system; eliminating the need to cut gaping holes through the homes' structural backbone. Trusses are stiffer (they are 18" to 20" deep as opposed to 11") producing less bouncy, more stable floors. They may cost a bit more but are plenty worth it, ask any engineer. 

The finish of the home is what everyone sees when the home is complete.

It is different but no less important than the structural elements of the home. Röhe & Wright views the finish details as the way to give a home its personality setting it apart from all the others. The difference between trim carpenters, cabinet builders, tile setters, painters, and stone masons can be very significant. We like to hire our craftsmen for their talents not their price.

We freely admit to being frustrated architects and as such, feel it is important to spend countless hours pouring over every detail of a plan to make it oh so much better.

We like to think it is our talent that makes a difference, but our tenacity is probably the more accurate difference. Whatever the reason, the result is the same; a home that reflects an aesthetic that we are proud of. One that you as a homeowner, can feel offers much more than a cookie cutter sameness and bland inconsistency.

When we are asked what style of home we build the answer is always the same. We will build any style as long as it is done right. By right we mean true to form. One cannot tack on some board and batten shutters to plan #3201 and make it French Country or a tile roof and call it Mediterranean. We do not stop with a few elements or tack money to the walls in some search for style; we carry our principles throughout and create a timeless home.